Jubilee Asset Management Limited

Creating value and delivering strong returns

We are a premier investment and asset manager and actively invest for the short to long term to help our clients prosper.

We create value for our clients by offering differentiated investment products and solutions that delivers strong risk adjusted returns across core asset and alternative assets, and across all market cycles.

Our differentiated investment products and solutions

We provide a range of investment solutions across the entire risk reward spectrum.

Cash Management solutions
Wealth Management Solutions
Umbrella Retirement Fund
Alternative Investments
Segregated Portfolio management
Insurance Funds Management

We are focused on providing our clients with outstanding investment products and solutions that assist them to build long-term wealth.

We are disciplined in our approach of selecting investment opportunities and apply rigour in our research and fundamental analysis.

We identify securities that have strong relative value and build portfolios that deliver strong risk-adjusted returns.

Why Jubilee Invest?